JCDecaux has today announced a partnership with Bitposter to support automated trading of its media.

JCDecaux currently delivers over half the digital impressions in the UK OOH market, with an ambition to double its digital audience to one billion viewed impressions per week by the end of 2017.

Bitposter is a leading OOH automated trading platform, and the partnership will provide buyers with an additional front-end interface through which JCDecaux is able to deliver automation at scale.

Philip Thomas, Co-Chief Executive Officer at JCDecaux, said: “Through this partnership we will combine the expertise of two market leaders. Using JCDecaux’s SmartBRICS data management platform (DMP) and the front-end buyer interface of Bitposter this partnership will give buyers an additional channel to JCDecaux’s inventory via an automated process, as media moves away from frame-based buying to audience-based trading.”

Aidan Neill, CEO of Bitposter, said: “We’re really excited by the opportunity offered through our partnership with JCDecaux and believe that by working together we can be successful in driving this next evolution within the OOH media industry.”
This partnership follows a campaign for the FT which ran on the JCDecaux Airport channel. The campaign – bought through Bitposter – used JCDecaux’s data management platform (DMP) SmartBRICS and JCDecaux’s content management system (CMS) platform SmartContent to deliver targeted creative to audiences as they flew between the US and UK.